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School for Transdisciplinary Studies

Courses offered at the STS

Since the Spring Semester 2021, students of all faculties can book the inter-/transdisciplinary courses offered by the School of Transdisciplinary Studies (STS). In principle, it is possible to receive credits for the courses offered by the STS. Please note that the consent of the respective faculty will be needed. Further courses are continuously being added to the portfolio.  

Inter-/Transdisciplinary Courses

  • include a range of inter- and transdisciplinary courses on future-oriented, cross-cutting topics
  • academic courses that focus and reflect on current issues and questions, for example in the context of the so-called grand challenges 
  • questions and challenges that can only be addressed in an inter-or transdisciplinary perspective
  • reflection on inter- and transdisciplinarity

Courses Fall Semester 2023

Courses past semester

Future Skills

Future Skills
  • include courses on future-oriented, transversal competences and methods 
  • necessary for addressing inter-/transdisciplinary questions and topics 
  • focus on action and problem-solving skills with high practical relevance  
  • reflection on the transversal competences taught

Courses Fall Semester 2023

Courses past semester

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Module Booking (HS23) via Student Portal

Modules open for booking as of Wednesday, 16.08.2023. STS modules are to be found under “Further Offers” in the UZH Course Catalogue and UZH Student Portal.

P-8: Digital Skills for You (DISK4U)

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Cross-faculty courses to strengthen digital skills in teaching

Graduate Campus

The STS cooperates with the Graduate Campus

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Some STS courses are also targeted at PhD candidates.