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What is the School for Transdisciplinary Studies?

Climate change, globalization or digital transformation - the great challenges of our time do not end at disciplinary boundaries but require inter- and transdisciplinary solutions. At UZH, there are several initiatives and projects that address and research these topics, and teach them in an inter- and transdisciplinary approach. Complementing the study programs of the faculties, the School for Transdisciplinary Studies offers inter- and transdisciplinary oriented courses as well as courses to strengthen transversal competences.

What is transdisciplinarity?

Transdisciplinarity is a methodological approach that combines different perspectives and disciplines, connects scientific knowledge and knowledge from society and, above all, addresses questions that arise from everyday reality. For more information, please refer to the mission statement


The broad range of courses offered at the STS permits students to acquire valuable knowledge and skills that equip them to become innovative shapers of tomorrow. Our courses cover topics such as entrepreneurship, sustainable development, ethics, or digital transformation. The course portfolio is expanded every semester.

Which competences can be acquired at the School for Transdisciplinary Studies?

Our courses introduce you to future-oriented, cross-cutting topics from an inter- and transdisciplinary perspective. Not only will you discover new contexts and connections, but you will also collaborate with students across disciplines.
Our Future Skills impart future-oriented competences and methods with a high practical relevance. These lay the foundation for working in inter- and transdisciplinary teams.
Overall, our courses allow you to:

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Credit transfer eligibility

Our courses count toward the degree in many study programs. Further information can be found here

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