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School for Transdisciplinary Studies

OSINT 2: Technical Introduction and Operational Security (10SMDSI_OSI2)


In today's world, where an abundance of data is just a click away, the ability to collect and analyze open source information has become more valuable than ever. OSINT, short for Open-Source Intelligence, is a cutting-edge method that enables you to gather crucial information from a variety of publicly available sources, including social media, news articles, government websites, and much more. From cybersecurity to politics, OSINT is an indispensable digital skill that empowers you to make informed decisions, support investigations, and stay up-to-date on emerging trends and threats.

A particular focus of this course will be the operational security of OSINT, an introduction to specialized software (e.g., Virtual Machines), and slightly more technical methods of OSINT.

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Open Science Office der UZH

Digital Society Initiative

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The course will be piloted as part of the interdisciplinary minor "Digital Skills"  in the spring semester of 2024.


Leyla Ciragan