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School for Transdisciplinary Studies

People Innovation Mindset: Building a Human-Centered Ecosystem (10SMPIM)


How can you build an ecosystem that leads the way in human-centered innovation? In this interdisciplinary course, students across disciplines work to answer this question, alongside researchers and practitioners with an interest in human-centered innovation. Students will engage with the interdisciplinary topic of ecosystems, which spans fields such as management, economics, political science, psychology, and philosophy.

The goals are to examine the potential of Zurich to become the world’s go-to spot for insights about people innovation and to discover how to build this ecosystem. Students must consider the ethical aspects of innovation and human diversity.

The structure of the program includes 3 online events (virtual in-class sessions with practical exercises), a 2-day onsite workshop where students work in teams with researchers and practitioners, and a final onsite reflection session.

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Prof. Dr. Lauren Howe