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School for Transdisciplinary Studies

Value-based Design Approach for Emerging Technologies (10SMVBD)


Digital technologies have been deemed as powerful tools for fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals. However, technological innovation may enable or disrupt environmental, economic or societal improvements. A responsible way forward considers values in the development of the technologies. The blended-learning course with face-to-face block course elements, self-learning phases and case studies is at the intersection between technology ethics, value-based design and responsible innovation.

This course introduces the concept of value-based design to inform students about the values and ethical considerations associated with the use and development of emerging technologies. The course will equip participants with a value-sensitive innovation and design approach, which they could bring with when they enter today’s increasingly digitalized society. The course will transmit a body of knowledge as well as the frameworks of value-sensitive design and value-based desing (VSD and VBD) to students to use in their own domains of expertise.

Examples include digitalization for environmental stewardship and the use of drones, the use of artificial intelligence in several fields, autonomous cars, among others. Case studies will be targeted to participants interests and needs.

Learning Objectives

  1. Be informed about the ethical considerations associated with the use and development of new and emerging technologies in different settings of our society.
  2. Learn how ethical reflections and value statements can provide guidance for future research and design decisions.
  3. Understand frameworks of value-based design (VSI and VBD) from the perspective of ethical dilemmas and societal challenges.
  4. Apply a value-based design process to emerging technologies and applications.
  5. Learn different tools and instruments to analyze risks and minimize harms of new technology.
  6. Acquire the ability to articulate value conflicts and to propose creative design solutions for addressing them, both forward looking as backward looking.

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Dr. Melanie Paschke