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UZH Innovathon: The Digitalization of Mobility (10SMINNO_3)


The mobility of the future will be digital. It is expected to be connected, partly autonomous, post-fossil, and clean, with benefits for health, environmental sustainability, and the economy. 

Digitalization is changing individual mobility (personalized technology for aging populations), urban mobility (e.g., mobility-as-a-service platforms for seamless public transport), and systems mobility (e.g., drones, autonomous cars). 

This transformation depends on many disciplines, such as data science (e.g., big data analytics), law (e.g., regulations for drones), geography (e.g., mobility analytics), medical & health sciences (e.g., mobile health), informatics (e.g., IoT), and business administration (e.g., new business models). 

The course introduces the digitalization of mobility from the perspectives of these disciplines by lecturers of various fields. Furthermore, students work project-based to develop innovative ideas to real-world problems in a “design-sprint” format. 

In the second part of this course, student teams develop innovative ideas based on real digitalization challenges introduced by the practice partners. The course offers a unique opportunity for the participants to learn innovation skills, to focus on future-oriented topics and to build a valuable network within the related ecosystem. To make the most of the idea development phase, the design sprint, the student teams are equipped with a manual and supported by experienced facilitators.

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