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School for Transdisciplinary Studies

Expand your horizons with electives from the School for Transdisciplinary Studies

Are you ready to step outside the boundaries of your field of study?

Climate change, artificial intelligence, globalization, or digital transformation – the grand challenges of our time do not stop at disciplinary boundaries; instead, they require transdisciplinary, holistic solutions.

With the UZH School for Transdisciplinary Studies, you can:

🌱 Cultivate Change: Address the pressing issues of our time through hands-on projects. Become a change-maker and learn how to create impact in areas such as sustainability, digital transformation, ethics, civic engagement, future of mobility, and many more.

🌍 Develop a Holistic Approach: Gain interdisciplinary knowledge, learn to combine different perspectives, and analyze complex challenges holistically.

💡 Foster Critical Thinking:  Train your ability to analyze problems from multiple angles. Transdisciplinary education empowers you to question assumptions, challenge norms, and develop unconventional solutions.

📚 Broaden Your Horizons: Customize your educational journey and choose your electives from a wide range of transdisciplinary courses that span various disciplines from all UZH faculties.

👥 Connect with Leading Experts: Gain insights from dedicated UZH instructors and practice partners who share their expertise with you.

🚀 Ignite Your Creativity: Explore new ways by engaging with diverse perspectives and ideas. Collaborate with students from various backgrounds and find inspiring new connections.

🎓 Stand Out from the Crowd: Transdisciplinary skills are highly valued in today's fast-paced and interconnected world. Distinguish yourself with a unique educational experience that sets you apart from your peers and opens doors to exciting career opportunities.

Inter- and Transdisciplinary Courses

The academic courses cover future-oriented cross-cutting topics such as digital transformation, sustainable development, innovation and entrepreneurship, ethics or citizen science and address current issues in the context of the so-called «Grand Challenges» of our time.

Courses in fall semester 23

Courses in spring semester 24

Future Skills

The Future Skills courses complement the inter- and transdisciplinary courses with a focus on action and problem-solving skills. Due to their cross-disciplinary orientation and high practical relevance, they enable the acquisition of future-oriented, transversal competencies and methods.

Courses in fall semester 23

Courses in spring semester 24

Shape your educational path individually and book the STS courses!

STS courses must be booked online through the UZH module booking tool within the specified module booking period and can only be canceled within this period. 

Credit Transfer Eligibility

The courses count toward the degree in many study programs. More information here.

Mobility students

Students who are enrolled at other Swiss universities and pay tuition fees there can book STS courses and earn ECTS Credits at UZH free of charge within the framework of an agreement or as free mobility students. Further information on the procedure and application deadlines for mobility students can be found here.   

Coming soon...

New STS courses from HS24

Mental Health, Migration and Refugee Experiences, Gender and Diversity, Ethics and Responsibility

New Minor "Digital Skills" (Digital Society Initiative) from HS24

30 ECTS Credits on Master's level. Find more information here.

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Modules open for booking as of Wednesday, 17.01.2024