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School for Transdisciplinary Studies

Mission statement

School for Transdisciplinary Studies

By addressing today’s most pressing issues, the diverse study programs at UZH encourage students to analyze complex questions from all angles and to develop and try out innovative and creative solutions. The School for Transdisciplinary Studies complements the study programs of the faculties and enables students to contextualize and augment their specialized studies while widening their personal network.


At the interface of disciplinarity, academia and society, the school facilitates inter- and transdisciplinary courses offered by various university-wide initiatives and faculties, as well as projects that foster transferable skills. The school supports students who wish to enhance and to round off their personal skills profile in accordance with their individual goals and needs.


Through the school, transdisciplinarity as a principle of integrative research is given a more prominent role in teaching and learning at UZH. It can be understood as a methodology that combines various perspectives and disciplines, connects scientific knowledge and knowledge from society, and mainly addresses questions that arise from everyday reality. In this way, the School for Transdisciplinary Studies contributes to a university education that leaves students ideally placed to meet current and future challenges and to act as responsible, innovative shapers in a pluralist society.