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School for Transdisciplinary Studies


Why it's worth being part of the UZH School for Transdisciplinary Studies …

🌱 Timeliness and Relevance: By developing interdisciplinary courses on topics such as sustainability, digital transformation, ethics, social engagement, and future mobility, instructors stay up-to-date with current developments. This enables them to prepare students for the complex challenges of the present and future.

🤝 Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Instructors have the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from various disciplines, expanding their own (disciplinary) horizons and fostering the exchange of ideas. Their interdisciplinary courses are attended by students from all faculties.

👩‍🏫 Visibility and Profiling as Experts: By participating in interdisciplinary teaching, instructors can position themselves as experts not only in their own field but also in other disciplines.

🎓 Innovative Teaching Methods: STS promotes new teaching methods that support interdisciplinary learning and thinking. Instructors can develop and implement innovative teaching formats to provide students with a holistic perspective on relevant topics.

👥 Professionalization and Networking: STS provides instructors with the opportunity to connect with leading experts and industry partners. This not only promotes professional exchange but also opens up opportunities for collaborations, research projects, and the application of theoretical knowledge in practice.

ULF transdisciplinary_innovation funding line

The funding line transdisciplinary_innovation supports the further strategic development of the STS course portfolio.

The funding line pursues three funding objectives:

  1. To develop inter- and transdisciplinary minors that can be offered via the STS.
  2. To develop inter- and transdisciplinary flagship courses for the STS’ curriculum.
  3. To further develop successful STS courses that serve as models for UZH respectively for promoting and securing innovation and potential as an experimental space for the existing portfolio of the STS.

Find more information on the funding line here

  • Anja Schulze (EN)
  • Sustainability now!

    Transdisciplinary: An Example from Education

    A study at UZH enables individuals to analyze and address complex issues with a solid scientific foundation from various perspectives. Inter- and transdisciplinary components, firmly integrated into the study programs, enhance the necessary interconnected thinking. In the interdisciplinary lecture series 'Sustainability Now!' offered by the STS, recipients of the Right Livelihood Award discuss how they have been able to initiate sustainable developments, whether in the field of peace promotion or biodiversity conservation. The event is moderated by students who aim to learn how to translate academic knowledge into action.

  • Programmieren und Reflektieren

    Interdisciplinary Introduction to Machine Learning

    The cross-faculty lecture series 'Interdisciplinary Introduction to Machine Learning,' offered through the STS, explores the fundamentals, applications, and impacts of machine learning. It prepares students for the use of algorithms in research and the professional world while raising awareness of the dangers and ethical questions associated with digitization.

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Current events

Cooperation with Commission UZH Interdisciplinary

More about Cooperation with Commission UZH Interdisciplinary

The School for Transdisciplinary Studies (STS) cooperates with the Commission UZH Interdisciplinary (UZH-i).

UZH-i topical lecture series can be included in the inter-/transdisciplinary courses offered at the STS.

P-8: Digital Skills for You (DISK4U)

P-8: Digital Skills for You (DISK4U)

More about P-8: Digital Skills for You (DISK4U)

Cross-faculty courses to strengthen digital skills in teaching

Graduate Campus

Cooperation with Graduate Campus

More about Cooperation with Graduate Campus

PhD students can enroll in some STS modules.

Cross-faculty acitvities for early career researchers  

Didactic tips, suggestions and how-to’s for instructors at the University of Zurich

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