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School for Transdisciplinary Studies

Quality Criteria

  1. The school’s portfolio is based on current and future topics of relevance in science and society. The courses are compatible with the mission statement of the school.
  2. The courses are inter- or transdisciplinary in nature or address transferable skills. They aim to develop scientific knowledge, critical reflection and interconnected thinking in order to facilitate problem-solving, decision-making and collaborative skills. Inter-/transdisciplinary courses require co-teaching by at least two instructors from different disciplines. 
  3. Reflection on inter- and transdisciplinarity is included in the courses.
  4. The courses target students of various study programs.
  5. The courses are designed in such a way that they can be integrated into the programs of as many faculties as possible.
  6. The courses meet the academic standards of UZH.
  7. The teaching and learning activities and assessment criteria are aligned with the intended learning objectives.
  8. Each course is assigned to a module coordinator. For smaller-scale courses, that do not constitute stand-alone modules, there is also a person responsible.
  9. Every course that takes the form of a module has a module description that describes the learning objectives, content and structure as well as the type of assessment; this information can be included in the course catalogue.
  10. The courses are critically evaluated and developed by the module coordinators on an ongoing basis within the context of UZH’s quality assurance processes for teaching (in particular, student course evaluation).