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School for Transdisciplinary Studies

Digital Ventures Leadership & Foundation


Abteilung Innovation


Students learn first-hand from successful entrepreneurs and industry experts about the fundamentals of building and leading a digital business in Switzerland. 

  • Entrepreneurship facts and numbers
  • Leadership for digital entrepreneurs
  • Self-management & personal resilience 
  • Entrepreneurial finance  
  • Company founding in Switzerland
  • Financial management 
  • IP licensing

The course is designed to facilitate a conversation between lecturers and participants. Students get a detailed understanding on how entrepreneurs lead and build their startups. In addition, industry experts advise on the legal and financial aspects of founding a venture in Switzerland. Each session includes an introductory presentation, followed by an informal discussion. 


Master students across faculties and researchers who are interested in the process and responsibilities of founding and leading a digital venture.


The seminar takes place every spring semester.

Leistungsnachweis / ECTS Credits


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