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Innovators Camp 2022

Innovators Camp 2021 ©Innovators Camp

If you would like to work in an interdisciplinary team from other universities to learn about innovation whilst also developing ideas for a better future, then join this five-day design sprint workshop co-hosted by UZH, ZHdK and ETH. Innovators Camp is a facilitated design sprint and workshop, where participants will go from idea generation to finished prototype in only five days. This year will be focused on the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Expect to be guided by experienced facilitators, inspired by change-makers and supported with a toolbox for experimentation that will unlock and develop your ideas.


Innovators Camp takes place between July 4 and 8, 2022 in Zurich at the Student Project House.  All participants are expected to be present in Zurich during the week.

Applications are open for all Bachelor's students, Master's students and researchers at UZH, ZHdK and ETH. You can apply here Deadline may 22, 2022

Innovators Camp