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Knowledge transfer grant by Swiss 3R Competence Center

The aim of the Swiss 3R Competence Center (Swiss 3RCC) is to support at the critical step between successful development of a 3Rs approach to its wider implementation thoughout other Swiss institutions or organisations. Young researchers (Master and PhD students or Postdocs) who are currently active in Switzerland are encouraged to apply for a short-term stay with another national and international research group to learn for a developed 3Rs approch and implement it in their home lab or institution. While collaborations between Swiss institutions will be favoured, the hosting research group can be located outside Switzerland if this can be justified to be the optimal opportunity. The 3Rs approach can be within the field of replacement, reduction or refinement and could be particular alternative model, set of statistical tool, novel, methodology or technology. 

The application opens on 16. September 2022 and ends on 13. November 2022. The budget is max. 10'000 CHF. The duration is set from a single day up to a 8 weeks stay. If you like to apply for this funding option, please fill in the following application form

The Swiss 3RCC has dedicated min. 70'000 CHF to this funding scheme until the end of 2024, in order to meet the strategic objectives of supporting the education on 3Rs topics as well as building and enabling collaborations between Swiss institutions in the 3Rs principle. 

The 3RCC drives for advancement of the 3Rs Principle in Switzerland through activities, which improve welfare for animal research and promote verrer science. The 3RCC envisions a new era in which replacement, reduction and refinement are consistently implemented to minimise the use of animals and the harm imposed on them, thereby promoting scientifically valid and ethically responsible research. 

For more information on the funding by Swiss 3RCC please visit the following website

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